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Kerckhaert DF Select Now Available in Size 5

Kerckhaert Chameleon Rasp Handle

The Kerckhaert DF Select Hind 25x10 is now available in Size 5. This shoe is good for Warmbloods and small draft and carriage horses. The heels are elongated and tapered and the widest part of shoe is moved forward, allowing an “extended” heel fit. Punched for E-head.

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5 Slim XL

Liberty 5 Slim XL

  • Slim blade displaces less hoof and reduces damage to the wall
  • Length - 52.5mm (5 Slim Length, 50.0mm)


3.5 Race

Liberty 5 Combo Slim

  • Longer length and slightly slimmer shank than the Liberty 5 Combo
  • Ideal for SX-8 shoes in larger size and any shoe requiring a bit more length and head mass
  • Length 52.55mm


Ranger Lite Rim


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Shoeing the Hind with Kerckhaert Dura Plain

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Natural Angle

Volume 3: Issue 1

Shoes for Traction

Most equine breeds and disciplines require some degree of traction in order to perform. A horse’s ability to perform would be extremely limited if you took away all traction.

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