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Liberty Cu Hybrid »

  • Made with Cu Shield Technology
  • Modified head design works well in concave and shoes punched for E-head nails
  • Extra strong and durable material
  • Extra Length
  • Extra Pitch as result of new head design
  • Perfect in combination with pads
  • Extra Sharp and smooth for less damage
  • Consistent quality: buy 250 = use 250
  • Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5


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Bellota Dutch Pattern 2.2 lb. Sledge »

  • A Dutch pattern 2.2 lb sledge with a short handle
  • Good for general Blacksmithing


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Kerckhaert SX-7 Series »

  • Designed specifically for the North American market
  • Light, strong shoes used for a wide variety of disciplines
  • 1/4" shoes allow good nailing and fit without adding excess weight
  • Clipped version offers strong clips on well made shoes with a slightly wider toe area
  • Sole relief now available on fronts
  • Shoes are symmetrical


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Natural Angle

Options for Break Over in Every Day Work

There are many thoughts on the subject of break over as it pertains to the horse's foot and limb function.

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