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FootPro™ English Model Aprons »

This economical apron has an excellent feel to it; featuring double knife pockets, protective leather pads, Velcro leg straps and an adjustable buckle belt. The apron is available in long, 30" and short, 25". These aprons have green leather pads on brown cotton duck backing.

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Bloom Forge Wood Handled Draft Creaser »

  • Comes with the head not attached to allow the user to set it in the direction they prefer
  • Made with high grade tool steel
  • Includes a top quality hickory handle with a rubber keeper
  • Larger mass is excellent for heavy stock and two-man classes for riding shoes, as well as draft shoes


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Kerckhaert Classic
Roller »

  • Boasts more ground surface than a true half round with the full benefit of ease of break-over
  • Full shape of the front pattern allows for easy fitting
  • Width of the sections gives a great base of support 
  • Available in quarter clipped or toe clipped front, side clipped hind 
  • Classic Roller Fronts are symmetrical


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Liberty Horseshoe Nails


What's New in FPD's Field Guide?

Using the Undercut with Roy bloom, APF CJF and Dave Farley, APF CF

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14th Annual International Hoof-Care Summit

Enjoy these photos from the International Hoof-Care Summit 2017 in Cincinnati, OH



Natural Angle

Volume 9: Issue 1

What Kind of View Do You Have

One of the steps to getting a good trim is often overlooked. If you don’t have a good view of the balance of the bottom of the foot it is difficult to get the best trim.

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