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Bloom Forge Set Hammer »

The Bloom Forge Set Hammer with wood handle is used to flatten areas of a shoe or ornamental work that are hard to reach with a regular Forging hammer. In shoe competitions, it is often used to flatten an area behind a clip or just in front of a heel calk. The Set tool is placed on the area to be flattened, and then struck by the Forging Hammer or by the Sledge if a striker is involved.

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FootPro™ Sandbox Belts »

  • Long lasting Zirconia
  • Regular belts in 80, 100, 120 grit
  • New Dual Grit available in 40/80 and 80/120 combinations


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Kerckhaert Ranger Series »

The Ranger Horseshoe Line by Kerckhaert has a higher grade of steel and v-crease making them the perfect solution for horses being used for trail and ranch work.

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Bloom Forge

Fire Tongs

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Roy Bloom, APF CJF at R&S Farrier Supplies Clinic

In these photos, Roy Bloom demonstrates how to replace a rivet on a pair of tongs at the R&S Harness and Farrier Supplies Clinic in Kalona, Iowa. For more photos, like FPD on Facebook. For more photos, like FPD on Facebook.




Natural Angle

Shoeing For Deviations of the Fetlock and Pastern of the Hind Equine Limb

"Conformation of an owner’s horse can be a very sensitive subject." In my experience that statement is very true and includes individual horse owners that I felt were open-minded. Study the equine conformation; learn what is normal for a breed, discipline and environment.

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