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Liberty 6 Combo Slim »

  • These nails are an excellent choice for larger shoes punched for American nails, but will also seat in E punched shoes
  • The 6 Combo Slim has a longer length and slightly larger head
  • Length 54mm

Also available in Copper (Cu) Shield »


FootPro™ CS PLUS®
Hoof Treatment »

  • Clay based hoof treatment with copper sulfate, iodine, venice turpentine and tea tree oil
  • Used to treat hoof separations or surface pockets in the sole and frog where bacteria may be present
  • Packed in a convenient 10 oz. jar
  • Material is easily spread and leaves no “stain” on the farrier’s fingers


Kerckhaert Legendary XT Blue Bond Size 6 »

The material of the Kerckhaert Blue Bond withstands the punishment of the track. The nail holes are already punched through the material and sole relief is built-in, saving time. Shoes are symmetrical. Punched for 3-1/2 Race, 3-1/2 Race XL, 4-1/2 Race or 4-1/2 Slim.

For more on Kerckhaert Bonded Race Plates »


What's New in FPD's Field Guide?

Kerckhaert Tradition Hind Size 3 with Toe Clips

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Natural Angle

Fullering Technique: Crossover or Inline?

Roy Bloom recently talked with us about fullering or creasing styles in forging or modifying shoes.

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