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NEW Ranger Plain

by Kerckhaert

Now shipping to dealers throughout North America


The Ranger Plain is a versatile shoe with extra thickness to provide additional wear, especially in rugged terrain. With a higher grade of steel for better wear and v-crease for better fit, this shoe provides the perfect solution for farriers who want the best results at the best price.

Punched for City or Slim.

One Shape - Unclipped - 00, 0, 1, 2, 3

Also Available
Ranger Lite

by Kerckhaert


Gibbins Back Pads

FootPro™ Silicone Wrap for Tool Handles
  • A supportive fleece lined back pad
  • Fits any Gibbins apron
  • Designed to distribute pressure across the back, creating a more comfortable fit
  • Washable and available in medium and large
  • The approximate dimensions are: Medium 10"x5" and Large 15"x6.75"
  • These pads are now available

New Ranger Lite by Kerckhaert Coming November 2014


What's New in FPD's Field Guide?

Liberty E-9 XL

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5 Slim XLKerckhaert Introduces Liberty 5 Slim XL Nail


The new Liberty 5 Slim XL nail features a slightly longer length than the 5 Slim. These nails have been especially appealing to farriers who have been using the Delta 5 Slim.  The Slim XL is 52.5mm long; the 5 Slim is 50.0mm long.  This nail is available through FPD dealers.


Read what Gary Gatts, APF had to say about this new Liberty 5 Slim XL:

“Just wanted to drop a line and tell you my thoughts on your new Liberty 5 Slim XL nail.  I used the whole sample box that you gave me at the summit, yesterday.  I have to say I believe it is the nicest nail I think I have driven in my 22 years of shoeing horses!”



Natural Angle

Volume 4: Issue 2

Establishing Customer Policies


It is unlikely that you set customer policies and firm scheduling criteria when you began shoeing. Any work was welcome and uncomfortable conditions did not cause you great concern. [more »]

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