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Liberty Cu Copper Coated Horseshoe Nails »

3.5 Race

These innovative nails are designed to eliminate microorganisms that enter the hoof wall through the nail holes, helping prevent infection from developing. The copper surface kills bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the nails and helps hooves remain strong and healthy throughout the shoeing cycle. Read more »

Kerckhaert Nail Hole Solution »

3.5 Race


  • Formulated to treat old nail holes
  • Keeps old nail holes clean
  • Forms a barrier between the environment and healthy hoof tissue
  • Use with Liberty Cu Nails for outstanding results



Liberty 5 Slim with Smart Guide notched head design »

3.5 Race

  • Good choice for Kerckhaert Steel Triumph, SX-7 and SX-8 Series
  • Length - 50.0mm
  • Now with Smart Guide notched head design - helping farriers locate the front of the nail while shoeing
  • Smart Guide design also available on 5 City and 5 Slim XL styles
Liberty Horseshoe Nails


What's New in FPD's Field Guide?

Shoeing the Hind with Kerckhaert Dura Plain

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Chris Overly Benefit Clinic - June 11, 2016

Photos from the Chris Overly Benefit Clinic and Auction



Natural Angle

Volume 13: Issue 13

Choosing the Best Fit is Your Best Option

The Natural Angle has covered a lot of basic, everyday issues throughout the history of the publication. Perhaps no topic affects you more on a day-today basis than the choice of nails and
shoes for your work.

[more »]

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