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One shoe, countless shapes. The first shoe in this style that can be easily converted for both front and hind. Features a V-Style Crease and Sole Relief, and has ideal nail hole position and good heel support. Recommended nail choices include Liberty and Liberty Cu with Copper Shield Technology in sizes 5 City, 5 Slim or 5 Combo.


Includes rounding hammers in 1.75, 2, 2.5 and 3 lb. weights; a 2 lb. Cross Pein; a 2 lb. Clipping Hammer; and a 20 degree angled 2 lb. Cross Pein in a right and left hand option. Design of these hammer heads and change of the handle will have appeal to many farriers and competitors. All hammers are made in Wisconsin.

The FootPro File Tool Roll is a nice option for competitors that travel for contests and need to take a variety of finishing tools with them. It will also be useful for any farrier or vet to carry the key tools they need when not working out of their rigs.


The Heavy Full Swedges are slightly wider and thicker than the regular Full Swedge and are available unclipped only.

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Best fit for Bellota files. The B1 fits the 12” Triangle file, B2 fits the 12” Round file and 6” Flat File. The B4 fits the 8” Round (chainsaw) file and the A4 fits the 8” Flat File.

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Natural Angle

Simple Steps Lead to Consistent Clinching

Two methods of clinching are the hammer clinch and the use of a clinching tool. Both methods have the same goal - to provide a neat, safe and effective clinch.

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