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Kerckhaert Standard Extra »

A wide-web pattern designed to give protection and support - especially in rough terrain. Features include bevel on ground side, sole relief and slight tapering of heels. V-crease allows for better nail fit. Shoes are symmetrical.

Punched for 5 City or 5 Slim.

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SBS Equine's Thrush Stop Blue »

  • “Staining” gel formula; blue color marker shows where product has been applied and when to reapply as the color fades

  • Additional ingredients have been added to stop stubborn bacteria and fungi along white line, clefts of the frog, cracks and nail holes

  • Unlike competitor brands, SBS Thrush Stop Blue does not contain the carcinogen - formalin

  • Gentle to hoof tissue, but tough on germs

  • SBS Thrush Stop Blue formula stays in place when applied, unlike competitor brands which tend to run.

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Liberty Horseshoe Nails


What's New in FPD's Field Guide?

Shoeing the Hind Feet with Michael Wildenstein, CJF FWCF (hons)

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WCB Final Competition of 2016

Enjoy these photos from the World Championship Blacksmiths Competition in Las Vegas



Natural Angle

Volume 16: Issue 2

Farriery for Mismatched Feet

The management of mismatched hoof angles remains a controversial subject for both the farrier and veterinarian.

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