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razor RAZOR Plus Rasp

After a great deal of time in development and testing, Bellota is now producing the RAZOR Plus. Using a higher grade material for the RAZOR Plus, it has proven in farrier testing to have a longer life. In addition, the tooth design is more aggressive and requires only a very light stroke in the early stages of using the rasp.

Bellota Logo

Read what Farriers are saying about the RAZOR Plus Rasp:

Eddie Williams, Kentucky
“This is a pretty dang good rasp!  I liked it very much.  The file side is sharp and the rasp side is good, and didn’t scar the horses’ feet.  It worked really well.  When I used the second one, I found it to be just as good as the first.”

Matt Lybeck, Wisconsin
“The RAZOR Plus is awesome!  It lasted a long time for me.”

Ed Reardon, Missouri
“I’ve used the RAZOR Plus on 100 horses so far.  It’s the best I’ve seen yet.  The smooth side is really smooth and the rough side is really aggressive.  It doesn’t clog like the last one.”

George Scott, Oklahoma
“I have probably worked on over 200 horses (shoeing and trims) with this RAZOR Plus and it is still working well as a finish rasp.  Thanks for letting me test it.  I will switch to the RAZOR Plus when I use up the Save Edge rasps I already have.”

Brandon Guillot, Louisiana
“The Razor Plus is the best I’ve used in a long time.  I’ve been using the Heller GR8AT and liked them when they first came out, but they are no longer any good.  I only get one or two days max out of them.  The Razor Plus lasted me a week and I shoe 8-12 horses per day with a helper.”

Bobby Menker, Kentucky
“I really like the RAZOR Plus.  It held up well and did a nice job for me.  I will use this rasp.”

Dennis Passa, Minnesota
“The RAZOR Plus is a very good rasp.  I love it.  I’ve done a lot of horses with it and it has held up well.  I will buy more.”



Watch Tim Cable leveling the foot with the Bellota RAZOR Plus RasP:



Bellota Rasps, Files and Tools

Bellota LogoBellota – A Tradition of Excellence

Bellota was founded in Legazpia, Spain, in the heart of a small valley of remarkable tradition, and now has plants throught the world. Bellota began manufacturing tools in 1908 with a staff of twelve.

The basis of their growth has been the constant effort to achieve the highest quality in their products, set apart by the Bellota trademark. Its quality has placed the Bellota brand in a leading position in the world market.



Bellota Mini

Like the Top Sharp, the aggressive design of the file side on the Bellota Mini lets you get in and get out with maximum results - but has an overall length of 13” - making it very handy for working on foals, ponies and miniature horses. Handle is included.

Classic Rasp
rasp side

The smooth cut of the Classic file side is the best choice for a smooth finish.

Classic Rasp

Top Sharp Rasp

The aggressive design of the file side on the Top Sharp lets you get in and get out with maximum results.

Top Sharp Rasp


Raptor Rasp

This new rasp is 14” long by 2-1/4” wide (Bellota Classic, Top Sharp and Razor rasps are 14” x 1-3/4”). The extra width of this rasp provides a greater cutting surface. The Raptor features a maximum cut on the rasp side; with a coarse cut on the file side.

Raptor Rasp


Top Finish File

One side of this file is a "starter" for your foot finish, the other side is a very fine cut that puts a very smooth finish to the wall.

Top Sharp File sideTop Sharp Rasp


6" and 8" Files

Mill bastard with 2 round edges. Each file is checked, one by one, to ensure quality and provide perfect filing. All Bellota files are protected by a rust proofing treatment.

Top Sharp RaspTop Sharp Rasp


Round Files

A good choice for filing inner web of shoe with a smooth clean finish.

Bellota 8" Round File


Bellota 12" Round File


12" Triangle File

Smooth, clean finish. Use for tight areas like clip or calks.


14" Flat Tapered File

Good for edges and flat surfaces.


14" Halfround Tapered File

Smooth finish and all around good choice for edges, inner web of shoe.

Bellota Ergonomic File Handles

Best fit for Bellota files. The B1 fits the 12” Triangle file, B2 fits the 12” Round file and 6” Flat File. The B4 fits the 8” Round (chainsaw) file, the A4 fits the 8” Flat File and the A1 handle fits 14" rasps and files.





Rasp Handles

Bellota offers twist-on handles that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. These handles are made from the finest quality wood.


9" Nail Cutter

Bellota offers a 9" Cutter that works with relative ease because of the rivet position. You’ll have to try these to see just how easy cutting horseshoe nails can be.


12" Nail Cutter

Bellota offers a 12" Nail Cutter that works with relative ease because of the length of the handles.



Cross Pein
The treatment process of Bellota tools ­ hardening, tempering ­ is carried out with painstaking care. The Cross Pein hammer is available in three sizes: 1.25 lb., 1.61 lb., and 2 lbs. For more information on the Cross Pein dimensions, click here.

Ball Pein
Ball pein 1.6 lb, good for general blacksmithing.

Dutch Sledge
A Dutch pattern 2.2 lb sledge with a short handle.

Double Sledge
A double 2.2 lb sledge.

Replacement Hammer Handles
Hammer handles for the Bellota’s 6 oz. Driving Hammer, and the three sizes of the Cross Pein hammers are also available.



If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

1-800-468-2879 (toll free) • 1-502-633-5767 (phone) • 1-502-633-5863 (fax)

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