Farrier Product Distribution Expansion Moving On

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FPD warehouse

The exterior metal work for the Farrier Product Distribution expansion is nearly complete

The warehouse and expansion for Farrier Product Distribution is moving toward completion. Office space has been completed recently and this week the contractors have almost completed the shell for the warehouse expansion. The work is expected to be completed by early January- in time for visitors that may be enroute to the International Hoof-Care Summit later in the month. If you’re in the area- we welcome you to stop by and see the changes.

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  1. Sarita says:

    Great photos! We had a horse live here for a while I love how fuzzy they get in the winetr. Ann and I have friends who are raw milk farmers near us their cows have such a thick coat that your hand disappears. We definetely have more snow here in VT it’s been a snowfunderful winetr (except for the shoveling). Mend, and smile, Rob.

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