Springtime Travel in New Mexico

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Guest blog by Rob Logsdon, FPD

Recently, I had the pleasure of traveling to New Mexico to visit some of our FPD customers. It was a beautiful time of the year for the visit and I thought I would share some of the highlights of my trip.

With Albuquerque as my starting point, I had a thoroughly enjoyable drive to San Marcos Café & Feed, which is just south of Santa Fe. It’s a rare occasion when one can find excellent food – and shop for farm, feed and farrier supplies – all at the same location. After enjoying one of the best burritos I’ve ever eaten, I had the opportunity to meet with owners Mark and Cindy Holloway. In addition, I met and talked with local farriers who were interested in Liberty nails, Bellota rasps, Kerckhaert aluminum and steel Triumph horseshoes, along with the other Kerckhaert products available at San Marcos. I want to thank Mark and Cindy for their hospitality and I look forward to my next visit – and burrito!

From Santa Fe, I headed south to Landmark Mercantile and a visit with manager Madeline Isaaks. Landmark is located in an ideal location just off of I-10 in Mesquite, New Mexico. The store has a full range of animal care, feed, tack and farrier supplies. Madeline gave me a tour of the store, where I could see a well-stocked inventory of Kerckhaert SX-7, SX-8, Aluminum Triumph and Kerckhaert Tradition and Kings Race plates. It seems there is a brisk demand for the Kerckhaert brand in this area. On my way out the door, I couldn’t resist having a scoop of the Blue Belle ice cream they serve at Landmark. When you are in the area, be sure to drop in and pay them a visit. I am betting you will find just what you need; including some really good ice cream.

As a part of my trip, I had the pleasure of visiting Sunland Park for the first time; riding through the barn area with farrier Burr Vandewart. Burr is a loyal Kerckhaert farrier, primarily using the Tradition Hind and Kings front shoes. There has been excitement and interest in the Kerckhaert Legendary XT front shoe for over a year now and I was able to introduce the farriers to the new Legendary RT hind. Farrier Elias Guzman liked the Legendary RT Hind so much that he immediately nailed a pair on! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the people at Sunland Park and while there I was able to drive by the famous “Rosa’s Cantina” from the Marty Robbins song, “El Paso.” Sunland Park will definitely be on my list for a return visit.


It was blue skies and 72 degrees in Albuquerque on April 9 for the farrier clinic at Paul’s Veterinary Supply. The staff at Paul’s Vet did an amazing job of preparing for the clinic and providing a continental breakfast, refreshments and a fantastic lunch. Roy Bloom was the clinician and discussed tool maintenance and shoe modification. The first part of the clinic was dedicated to farrier tools and their use – and misuse. After lunch, Roy focused on shoe modification with everyone participating in a hands-on session; evaluating a beautiful Friesian horse. Using the 12 points of reference as a guide, Roy used a laser to show limb and conformation deviations. I had a nice visit with the large group of farriers who were in attendance. I want to thank the NMPHA, Andrew Varela and Chase Roybal, along with all who were in attendance, for helping Shannon and Paul organize the clinic. This was a very engaged group of farriers, who expressed a great deal of interest in the Kerckhaert Ranger shoes, Dura Plain shoes and the Liberty nails. I look forward to hosting another clinic in the “Land of Enchantment.”

My trip went all too quickly, but I enjoyed every moment of the amazing hospitality, the beautiful landscape and the support and loyalty the farriers and stores have for the Kerckhaert and FPD brands.

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