From Tennessee to Texas

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Guest Blog from Rob Logsdon of FPD

It’s that time of year, traveling throughout the Southeast and Midwest, attending Clinics and Contests. I started this recent trip by attending a clinic in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee, hosted by Tennessee Farrier Supply and sponsored by FPD. When I left Tennessee, I headed to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the TPFA contest in nearby Denton, Texas. While in Texas, I was able to visit several FPD dealers, including both Texas Farrier Supply stores, located in Kennedale and Weatherford, and D&L Farm and Home in Aubrey, Texas.

Tennessee Farrier Supply Clinic

Conrad Trow, CJF making concave shoe

Conrad Trow, CJF making a concave shoe

A large crowd gathered for the Tennessee Farrier Supply clinic on Saturday, October 1. As always, Steve, Esther and the Edwards family provided excellent food for dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday (the homemade pies were delicious). The featured clinician was Conrad Trow, CJF. He arrived on Friday afternoon for a forging session with several farriers who arrived early for the Saturday clinic.

During the Saturday clinic, Conrad shod a carriage horse with Kerckhaert Classic Roller Fronts and Kerckhaert DF Hinds, using Liberty E-4 and E-4 Cu copper coated nails. He also drilled and tapped each shoe for traction studs in preparation for an upcoming competition at the Kentucky Horse Park. After the competition the studs can be removed from the shoe.

As Conrad explained his reasons for using his shoes of choice, farriers were able to see the differences between shoes such as the DF, DF Select and the Classic Roller. Farriers were pleased with what they had learned at the clinic and impressed with Conrad’s skill.

Thanks again to Steve and his family for hosting another great clinic.

Conrad Trow, CJF driving Liberty CU E-4 Nail

Conrad Trow, CJF driving Liberty CU E-4 Nail



Texas Farrier Supply Tuesday Forge Night

Texas Farrier Supply Forging Tuesday (Rob Logsdon of FPD)

Rob Logsdon of FPD tries his hand forging

While visiting with James Cox and Chuck Milne at the Texas Farrier Supply – Kennedale store – I met a group of farriers who were attending the TFS Tuesday “Hammer In” forging night.

Chuck was patient enough to give me some pointers while I used the forge; attempting to make a shoe out of bar stock. TFS was sponsoring a knife-making contest for the TPFA Contest and a few of the guys were at the store, putting the finishing touches on their knives.

TFS has done an excellent job of bringing farriers together on these Tuesday night gatherings around the forge. If you go to the TFS Facebook page at, you can see when their next Tuesday forging is scheduled. Be sure to stop by if you are in the area.

I certainly enjoyed my time and will be sure to stop back again.

TPFA Contest

The TPFA contest was held October 6-8 in Denton, Texas and hosted over 45 competitors. This is a tremendous turnout and thanks go to the Texas Association for putting on such a well-organized event. Mark Milster was the judge and stayed busy evaluating all the shoes. Thursday was a mini clinic session with Dusty Franklin, Travis Day and Mark Milster, each discussing various farrier topics including; Trim, Fit, Shoe Modification and the Glue-On process. Friday and Saturday were devoted to the competitors and live shoeing. I thoroughly enjoy attending this Texas contest every year and look forward to 2017.

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