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Bloom Forge Tools

Recognized throughout the industry, Roy Bloom has a reputation for the greatest attention to detail - and maximum performance - for every product he manufactures. 

When you purchase tools from Bloom Forge, they come to you ready to function for the purpose they were intended.  With over 40 years experience as a farrier, Roy understands the use of the tools.

During his many years as a farrier, he has perfected his forging skills as a blacksmith, as well, bringing a unique understanding of the characteristics of the materials and stresses they endure in use.  Anyone who has seen ornamental work Roy has created, appreciates the ability he has to shape and work metal. 


Click the links below to see the Bloom Forge Tool Line

3.5 Race


3.5 Race

Steel Handle Tools

3.5 Race

Wood Handle Tools

3.5 Race


3.5 Race

Straight Tools

Signature Series Hammers


Click here for more information about the Bloom Forge Bob Punch

Click here for more information about the Bloom Forge Fire Tongs

If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

1-800-468-2879 (toll free) • 1-502-633-5767 (phone) • 1-502-633-5863 (fax)

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