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Educational Products

Since its founding in 1990, FPD has actively engaged in providing programs and resources that encourage and promote educational excellence throughout the farrier industry.  FPD is unique and progressive in their commitment to hoof care education for all farriers, veterinarians and others involved in the equine world.

Hot Iron Productions

HIP LogoHot Iron Productions (HIP Inc.) was founded in the mid-90’s to produce high quality video footage for the farrier market.  Roy Bloom CJF and Dave Farley CF were ahead of the curve in the industry, conducting clinics throughout the US and Canada, using video to help attendees get all the details that were a part of their presentations.  Bloom and Farley have each been shoeing horses for over 30 years and are recognized among their peers as leading educators and craftsmen in the trade.

All current videos are available in DVD format and most are still available in VHS and Pal format.


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3.5 Race

H.I.P. Videos

3.5 Race

Additional Educational Materials




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