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FPD, Inc. Field Guide for Farriers
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New Product

Liberty 6 Combo Slim Nails

Steel and Cu versions of the new Liberty 6 Combo Slim are now available. These nails are an excellent choice for larger shoes punched for American nails, but will also seat in E punched shoes. Farriers will appreciate the length and slightly larger head of the 6 Combo Slim. The Liberty 6 Combo Slim nail is 54mm long.


Featured Product

Kerckhaert Tradition Hind Size 3 with Toe Clips

Kerckhaert toe clips are significantly stronger than other brands. The radius clip design allows the shoe to be fit with minimal adjustment to wall. The shoe has a slight taper in the width from toe to heel, a nail pattern that is spread and punched slightly finer. Shoes are symmetrical.