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New Product

Bloom Forge 10 lb. Sledge Hammer

Bloom Forge has introduced the first hammer for the Roy Bloom Signature Series. This 10 lb. striking hammer is a giant; designed for the serious competitors of the WCB and other upper level competitions. All of the hammers are made in the USA in the northern Wisconsin region where Bloom Forge is located.


Featured Products

Liberty Cu Race Nails

In addition to all of the same great features of the regular Liberty nailLiberty Cu horseshoe nails include Copper (Cu) Shield Technology. This technology provides much more protection than traditional horseshoe nails. Hoof wall, white line and sole are stronger and healthier when Liberty Cu nails are used on a daily basis. The Copper (Cu) Shield Technology is unique to Kerckhaert and Liberty Cu horseshoe nails.

The full line of Liberty Cu Nails:
5 City, 5 Slim, 5 Combo Slim, E-2 Slim through E-7 Slim, LX-50, LX-55, LX-60, LX-65, LX-70, 3-1/2 Race, 3-1/2 Race XL, 4-1/2 Race, 5 Race and Hybrid 3, Hybrid 4 and Hybrid 5.