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Forging Tools

FPD has always supported the farriers that believe in education and development of a full array of shoeing skills- including forging.  While the many shoe products produced by Kerckhaert often eliminate the need for making shoes from scratch, the knowledge necessary to do so is invaluable in doing a good shoeing job.  Bloom Forge is recognized for their attention to detail and practical, affordable tools needed for forging, modifying and finishing shoes.

FootPro™ Rounding Hammers


FootPro™ Rounding Hammers


FootPro™ Rounding Hammers

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  • The detailing of these new fully polished
    1-3/4 & 2 lb Rounding Hammers by highly skilled craftsmen is a trademark of the FootPro™ line
  • Made in the USA
  • Replacement handles are also available