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Finishing Tools

Some say it’s just cosmetic, but the finish of the hoof often indicates just how particular and concerned the farrier is in taking care of the horse’s feet.  Pride in finish is a great indicator.  We have tools to make that finishing job much easier.  Bellota files, farrierproducts™ buffers and other items help to get show level finish, regardless of the use of the horse.  Why not look the best?

Sandbox Tool


FootPro™ Sandbox Tool



Other Finishing Tools

Files »

Draft 28x10 Clipped

Buffer »


3M Sanding
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Draft 28x10 Clipped



  • Nicely designed and well-built tool
  • Most commonly used by competitors and for show horses
  • This tool is the same length as the regular Sandbox tool but is narrower and has a half-round shape
  • 18"