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Accessory Items

FPD offers a group of accessories to help with shoeing jobs, including aprons and tool bags. Gibbins and FootPro™ are our key apron brands and have a comfortable design and durable materials.  We also offer a high quality range of hoof pads used for protecting the hoof.

Dura Shock Pad


Snow-Rim Pads

Dura Shock Pad


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Dura Shock Pad

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  • Comes in both urethane (clear) and rubber (black)
  • Longer-wearing for heavy winter use
  • Each pair comes in an individually wrapped package.


Urethane (Clear) Front and Hind - Medium 

Urethane (Clear) Front and Hind - Large

Rubber (Black) Front and Hind - Medium 

Rubber (Black) Front and Hind - Large