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About the farrierproducts™ Group

Farrier Product Distribution has put together the finest group of products in the farrier market - available under the farrierproducts™ brand.  The group is composed of products from manufacturers who meet the FPD standard for the highest quality and attention to detail. 

The farrierproducts™ group includes:

Kerckhaert Logo

Kerckhaert Horseshoes
The world's largest manufacturer of horse shoes. Excellent quality at competitive prices. Made in Holland.

Vector Hosreshoe Nails

Vector Horseshoe Nails
A new direction in quality and performance in rolled nails.


Liberty Horseshoe Nails
A nail evolution produced in cooperation with Kerckhaert. Forged nails.

Bellota Logo

Bellota Rasps and Tools
Find all your basic file needs under the Bellota brand, including: rasps, files, half-round files and knife files. Bellota also offers tools: nail cutters, rasp handles and hammers.

FootPro Logo

The industry's newest brand of tools and aprons. Brought to you by farrierproducts™. Available only from farrierproducts™ dealers.

Mercury Rasps
A new experience in rasping. Produced according to the highest standards.

Bloom Forge Logo

Bloom Forge Tools
The best line of forging tools in North America.

fp logo

The market's broadest line of finished bar shoes and tools. Available only from farrierproducts™ dealers.

Hot Iron Productions
Founded to produced high quality educational videos for the farrier market.


FPD also distributes these fine products:

  • Vettec Hoofcare Products
  • Hawthorne Hoofcare Products
  • Educational Materials
  • Baldor Grinders
  • Knipex Tools
  • Frost (Mora) Knives
  • FDick Knives
  • Victorinox Knives
  • Nordic Forge
  • Therapeutic Equine Products
  • Lifelearn®


If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

1-800-468-2879 (toll free) • 1-502-633-5767 (phone) • 1-502-633-5863 (fax)


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