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Liberty Cu Copper Coated Horseshoe Nails

The New Standard


Kerckhaert has made another major step towards healthier hooves with the design and development of the Liberty Cu horseshoe nail. The Cu nails are copper coated, offering more protection than traditional horseshoe nails.

These nails are designed to reduce rust and wear inside the hoof, helping hooves remain strong and healthy throughout the shoeing cycle.

3.5 RaceLiberty Cu Copper Coated Nails5Slim Cu

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Hoof/Horn quality improves
  • Reduces rust and wear inside the hoof wall
  • Healthier hooves
  • Ideal for all horses
  • Competitive price


Liberty Cu Hybrid Nails

3.5 Race

Cu Hybrid 3

  • Length - 48 mm

3.5 Race

Cu Hybrid 4

  • 52.5 mm

3.5 Race

Cu Hybrid 5

  • Length - 55.5 mm

Liberty Cu City Nails

Cu 5 City

  • Length - 50mm

Liberty Cu E-Slim Nails

3.5 Race

Cu E-2 Slim

  • Length - 45.5mm

3.5 Race

Cu E-3 Slim

  • Length - 47.5mm

3.5 Race

Cu E-4 Slim

  • Length - 51mm

3.5 Race

Cu E-5 Slim

  • Length - 54mm

3.5 Race

Cu E-6 Slim

  • Length - 57.5mm

3.5 Race

Cu E-7 Slim

  • Length - 61mm

Liberty Cu LX Nails

3.5 Race

Cu LX-50

  • Length - 50mm

3.5 Race

Cu LX-55

  • Length - 53.5mm

3.5 Race

Cu lx-60

  • Length - 55mm

3.5 Race

Cu lx-65

  • Length - 57mm

3.5 Race

Cu LX-70

  • Length - 59mm

Liberty Cu Slim Nails

5Slim Cu

Cu 5 slim

  • Length - 50mm

Liberty Cu Combo Nails

3.5 Race

Cu 5 combo slim

  • Length - 52.5mm
"I have used other nails that have rusted in our environment here in Georgia. I have driven about 750 of the Liberty Cu 5 Combo Slim copper coated nails and after 5 weeks the Cu nails show no rust and I saw much less, or no, black around the nail holes. The nail holes are much cleaner and my customers love the way they look."
- Brad Paulk, Griffith, GA

Kerckhaert Nail Hole Solution

3.5 Race

  • Formulated to treat old nail holes
  • Keeps old nail holes clean
  • Forms a barrier between the environment and healthy hoof tissue
  • Use with Liberty Cu Nails for outstanding results

Download » Helpful Facts: Kerckhaert Nail Hole Solution


Liberty Driving Hammer

3.5 Race

  • Available in four sizes; 6, 7, 8 and 9 oz.
  • Nicely balanced hammers
  • “Weight forward” design makes the hammer feel a bit
    heavier than the head weight indicates


If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

1-800-468-2879 (toll free) • 1-502-633-5767 (phone) • 1-502-633-5863 (fax)


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