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Ranger Lite by Kerckhaert


Ranger Plain

by Kerckhaert

  • Distributed by Farrier Product Distribution
  • Made in Holland for the North American market
  • Extra thickness to provide additional wear, especially in rugged terrain
  • Generic shape for front or hind
  • Easily shaped, hot or cold
  • High quality steel for better wear
  • V-Crease
  • Best Price
  • Punched for City or Slim nails
  • Sizes 00, 0, 1 2 and 3

Ranger Lite by Kerckhaert


Liberty 5 Slim XL

  • Distributed by Farrier Product Distribution
  • Slim blade displaces less hoof and reduces damage to the wall
  • Length - 52.5mm (5 Slim Length, 50.0 mm)

Pride 1/4 in x 1 in Sliding Plates


Kerckhaert Pride 1/4"x1" Sliding Plate Size 11.5

  • Distributed by Farrier Product Distribution
  • Excellent heel finish
  • Shoes are symmetrical
  • Clean, consistent nail holes
  • Punched for 4-1/2 Race, 4-1/2 Race XS, 4-1/2 Slim or 5 Special

Ranger Lite by Kerckhaert


FootPro™ Economy Sharpening Wheel

  • 1/2” thick x 6” diameter
  • Economical option for taking the thickness out of a knife blade and addressing a rough edge
  • Does not require the use of any buffing compounds
  • Medium grit



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