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Therapeutic Equine Products

FPD is the exclusive distributor of Dura-Shock Pads. We offer a full range of flat, wedge and rim pads. We also distribute the Lily Pad. When taped on for immediate emergency support, the Lily Pad creates an instant heartbar effect without trauma
to the foot.



Castle Plastics

We are also pleased to be a distributor of Castle Plastics - a leading manufacturer of horses hoof pads. Castle takes pride in the innovation and quality of products that they produce, including bar wedge pads, 2 and 3 degree oval pads, sno ball pads, impak pads, and wedges with frog support.


3.5 Race

Kerckhaert Pads

Snow Rim and Daily pads designed by Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company.






If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

1-800-468-2879 (toll free) • 1-502-633-5767 (phone) • 1-502-633-5863 (fax)


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