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FPD Begins Distribution of the Liberty Cu Nails in the U.S. and Canadadiamond

Shelbyville, KY – May 4, 2016 – Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD), North American Importer of Kerckhaert andLiberty products and leading wholesale distributor of farrier products in North America, announced it has begun the distribution of the new Liberty Cu Horseshoe Nails through their U.S. and Canadian dealer network.  The Liberty Cu nails were designed and developed by the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company. The Cu nails are copper coated, offering more protection than traditional horseshoe nails.

These nails are designed to reduce rust and wear inside the hoof, helping hooves remain strong and healthy throughout the shoeing cycle.

 “The Company spent a great deal of time and effort in finding the right balance between creating a coating that was not so thick it would impair the nail itself, nor so thin the copper coating would rub off too quickly,” states Martin Kerckhaert of Kerckhaert.  “We are proud of the results of our research and development and believe we have created a nail that will become the new standard in horseshoe nails.”

Along with the Cu nails, Kerckhaert has introduced a new hoof care product formulated specifically to treat old nail holes.  The Kerckhaert Nail Hole Solution, when used regularly, forms a permanent barrier between the environment and healthy hoof tissue; keeping old nail holes clean.

“We are pleased to begin the distribution of the Cu nails and the Kerckhaert Nail Hole Solution in the U.S. and Canada.  The nails have been available for some time in Europe, and are beginning to gain quite a bit of interest and momentum in our markets.  Anything that can improve the health of the horse is of interest to farriers,” said Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “Our dealers are beginning to stock them and you can expect to hear a great deal more about them in the coming months.”

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Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory Acquires the Diamond Farrier division of Apex Tool Group

Shelbyville, KY – July 16, 2015 – Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD) announced today the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory has acquired the Diamond Farrier division of Apex Tool Group (ATG).  Kerckhaert will be distributing the Diamond brand in 77 countries through their distribution partners. Effective August 1, 2015, FPD will be the exclusive distributor for Kerckhaert in the U.S. and Canada, of all Diamond brand horseshoes and tools.

diamond“We have had a long and successful relationship with Kerckhaert and are confident, with their exceptional attention to quality and detail, Diamond customers will bepleased with this acquisition,” says Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “Diamond hasbeen a mainstay in the farrier market since 1906 and FPD will work to grow the brand in the U.S and Canada.”

“We are very excited about this new opportunity,” Martin Kerckhaert of the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory commented.  “For four generations, Kerckhaert has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing horseshoes and related products that enhance the work of the farrier.  We understand what Diamond customers want and need and we are well positioned to ensure the ongoing success and improvement of the product line.  With the experience and knowledge FPD has in distribution, we are confident the Diamond legacy will continue.”

FPD has been the leading wholesale distributor of farrier products in the United States and Canada for more than 25 years and has a well established reputation for excellence in the farrier market.


FPD Now Distributing SBS Equine Products

Shelbyville, KY – June 3, 2015 – Farrier Product Distribution (FPD) today announced they had entered into an agreement to be a major distributor for SBS Equine Products; a leading manufacturer of quality hoof care products for the equine industry.  FPD is celebrating 25 years as the leading North American wholesale distributor of farrier and related equine products.  As the North American distributor of Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Ranger Horseshoes and Liberty Nails, FPD represents the best of the brands in the industry. 

“We are happy to add the SBS Equine line to our product group,” said Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “Our dealers and the professional farrier trust us to provide quality products they can depend on.  SBS hoof care products are an excellent complement to the products we currently distribute.”

SBS was co-founded in 1985 by Dr. Richard Shakalis and Dr. John Pautienis; considered the fathers of modern hoof sealants for their work in developing bonding techniques taken from dental technology and applying them to the equine industry. 

“SBS takes great pride in our products and the Distributors we work with,” stated Ray Tricca of SBS.  “We are very careful in our choice of distributors; with only four authorized SBS distributors in the world.  We appreciate that FPD is equally as careful in their selection of products and are pleased they have chosen SBS to be included among the brands they distribute.”

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New Ranger Horseshoe Line by Kerckhaert Launched

Shelbyville, KY – September 9, 2014 - Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD), the largest wholesale distributor of horseshoe supplies in the US and Canada, has announced the introduction of a new line of horseshoes; designed and produced in Holland by Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company.  The Ranger Series will launch with the first shoe, called the Ranger Lite, in September of this year.  Made for the American market, the Ranger Lite is a versatile, light shoe, designed for both general work and pleasure riding.  Building on Kerckhaert brand recognition and popularity, this shoe competes, in both price and quality, with similar styles currently available in the market.

“In response to requests from the American farriers, we developed the Ranger Lite, the first shoe in the Ranger Series.” commented Martin Kerckhaert of Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company.  “The Ranger Lite is an ideal shoe for active work and general pleasure riding horses in the US.   Farriers asked for a shoe that included high quality steel for longer wear and our popular v-crease for better fit.   This is a shoe that meets all of their expectations for quality, wear and price.”

The shoes will be distributed through the FPD dealer network.  “With our distribution capabilities and a product that meets the highest quality standard for the industry, we are certain this new series – and the Ranger Lite, in particular - will be well-received among the farriers.  We anticipate introducing additional styles in late 2014 and early 2015,” states Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “The response has been positive from farriers in the initial sampling and testing phase of this launch.”

Farriers can find the nearest dealer carrying the new Ranger Lite shoe by going to www.farrierproducts.com/locations.


FPD Survey Winners Announced

Shelbyville, KY – September 11, 2013 - Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD), the leading North American distributor of supplies for the professional farrier market, recently conducted a survey of over 10,000 farriers as part of their ongoing efforts to address the needs of farriers and determine products best suited for their use.  Those farriers who completed and returned the survey were then entered into a prize drawing for a chance to win one of five different prizes.

“We are appreciative of the farriers who took the time to complete and return this survey,” stated Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “We had an overwhelming response, and their feedback is very helpful for us and the industry, in general.  We value their expertise and opinions and will use this information to ensure we provide products that yield the best results for the farrier and the horse.”

The winners were determined by the use of a random numbering method and were awarded the following prizes:

First Prize: FPD Knife Sharpening System – 1/4 hp Buffer with 6" Sharpening Wheel and 6" Felt Wheel – $375 retail value. Winner was Paul Eckler from Kentucky

Second Prize: 12 Boxes (250 pc) of Liberty Nails – choice of size - $225 retail value
Winner was Anthony Kipikasha from New York

Third Prize: FootPro™ Hoof Nipper – choice of size - $185 retail value
Winner was David Pedersen from Arizona

Fourth Prize: Box of Bellota Rasps – choice of Top Sharp or Classic - $140 retail value
Winner was Bill Allison from Pennsylvania

Fifth Prize: Bloom Forge Rounding Hammer - $115 retail value
Winner was Roy Binder from California

All winners have been notified and the prizes have been shipped directly to them.


FPD Sponsors the NEW Kerckhaert-Liberty Intermediate Division at the 2014 AFA Convention Contest

August 21, 2013 – Shelbyville, KY - Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD) has agreed to sponsor a new intermediate division in the 2014 American Farrier’s Association Convention Contest.  For the first time, the AFA will include this division - Kerckhaert-Liberty Intermediate Division - in the 2014 AFA Convention Contest to be held February 26-27, 2014 in Reno, Nevada.  This division is open to any farrier who has never entered the AFA National Forging and Horseshoeing Competition at any AFA Convention or competed in a forging class (exclusions include the Two-Person Draft class and those working as a striker).

The shoe list for this division was selected to help farriers improve their forging skills and prepare for the Certification test, while helping prepare for competition in the Open Division.  The shoes (with the exception of the Deep Seated Bar Shoe - plain stamped) are all illustrated in the Bloom Book of Shoes, available through FPD dealers.  All shoes will be punched for Kerckhaert’s Liberty Horseshoe Nails, the nails of choice for professional farriers.

“We are always happy to support programs that provide educational opportunities for the farrier,” said Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “The annual Convention Contest brings out the best talent in our industry and is a learning experience for everyone who attends and participates.”    

Farriers can enter the Kerckhaert-Liberty Intermediate Division until they win the overall.  After winning the Intermediate Division Highpoint, they automatically move up to the Open Division the following year.

Entry forms will be available in the near future on the AFA website at www.americanfarriers.org.  Space is limited and entries are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Entries are accepted by mail, as an e-mail attachment or fax.    The post-mark date or date of fax or email will serve as the registration date.


Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. Hires Fred Ruddy as General Manager

Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD), a leading wholesale distributor of Farrier products, has announced the hire of Fred Ruddy, who joins the company as General Manager.  In this position, Ruddy will oversee FPD’s general operations and assist the executive officers with planning, production and human resource management. 

“This position was added as a result of the extraordinary growth the company is experiencing, and allows us to align our staff in positions that best fit their strengths while supporting our goal of delivering superior service to our customers,” states Dan Burke, president of FPD.  “Fred brings experience and a unique perspective to our business and we are happy to have him join the team.  He is a talented manager with the exceptional ability to understand technology, analytics and the best practices for the organization of our warehouse and distribution operation.” 

Ruddy joins FPD with over 15 years of successful experience as a manager, system’s analyst and inventory specialist; primarily in manufacturing and distribution.  Most recently he was responsible for opening a distribution center in Shelbyville, KY for the Kittrich Corporation, serving as Plant Manager.  He began his career as a Systems Analyst for Leggett & Platt, Inc., located in the corporate office in Carthage, MO, as well as holding the position of Branch Manager of the Southern California Bedding Components Distribution Center in South Gate, CA.

A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a B.S.B.A. and major in Production/Operations Management and M.B.A. from University of Phoenix, Ruddy completed a semester of study in international business at Orebro University in Orebro, Sweden.  He and his wife and three children live in Shelby County, Kentucky.


Gibbins of Suffolk Announces Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. is Exclusive Importer and Distributor for North America

Suffolk, IP5 3RG England – April 23, 2013 - Gibbins of Suffolk, located in the U.K., announced they have signed an agreement with Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD) of the U.S., to import and distribute their line of aprons designed specifically for the farrier market.  Under the terms of the agreement, FPD, one of the largest distributors of farrier products in North America, now has exclusive rights to import and distribute the Gibbins aprons to North American markets. 

The announcement follows a devastating fire in November of 2012 that destroyed the Gibbins’ production facility.  The plant has been restarted, and it is anticipated full production and availability of product will occur by mid to late summer of this year.  

Founded in the early 1980’s, Gibbins of Suffolk was purchased in 2007 by Carl Bettison.  “North America is a market with great potential, and our agreement with FPD will allow us to expand our presence and maintain the reputation we have for quality and detail,” said Bettison, Director of Gibbins.  “With FPD’s dedication to product development, marketing collaboration and outstanding distribution network they are an excellent choice to represent our products.”

“Gibbins enjoys a good reputation among the farriers for the quality and craftsmanship in the aprons they produce,” said Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “We set extremely high standards for the products we distribute and Gibbins meets our expectations.  We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Carl and his team at Gibbins.” 

About Gibbins of Suffolk
Gibbins of Suffolk was founded in the early 1980’s by John and Caroline Gibbins.  In 2007 the company was sold to Carl Bettison, founder of Stromsholm Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of Farrier products since 1972.  Gibbins manufactures a wide variety of high quality leather goods including aprons for the farrier market, which are distributed world-wide.  The head office and workshops are located in Suffolk, England.   Carl Bettison is the Director of Gibbins and Helen White is the Office and Sales Manager.  More information about Gibbins can be found at www.Gibbins.co.uk.


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