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Vector Horseshoe NailsVector Horseshoe Nails

Designed for excellent fit, Vector Horseshoe Nails come in a wide range of sizes; ensuring reliability efficiency, and availability.

Download Vector nail measurements [PDF] »



Race 3 1/2
Race 3-1/2 XS*
Race 4-1/2
Race 4-1/2 XS*
Race 5
Slim 4-1/2
Slim 5
Slim 5 XS*

Special 4-1/2
Special 5
City 5
City 6
Regular 4-1/2
Regular 5
Regular 6

E-3 Slim
E-4 Slim
E-5 Slim
E-6 Slim

*XS=Extra Strong



V-Trak Nails 5 CityThe Vector Horseshoe Nail line has expandedinto the traction market with three sizes of V-Trak nails ­ 5 City, 4-1/2 Race and E-4 Slim. The response to the nails has been very positive, with indications that the hard facing on the head of the nails is much more secure than other brands and the prices are very competitive. The V-Trak nails are packed in 100 piece boxes.




For farriers who are using a large number of Vector nails we offer Farrier Packs - 1,250 nails per box; 4 boxes per case. Farrier Packs are currently available in 5 City, 5 Slim, 6 City, E-4 Slim, E-5 Slim, VX-50, and VX-60. Other nail sizes are available in Farrier Packs upon request.




If you are not already doing business with one of our dealers you can contact us for the name and address of a dealer near you.

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