Here We Grow Again – Farrier Product Distribution Expansion


Farrier Product Bldg

FPD Distribution Center and Offices located in Shelbyville, Kentucky

FPD is excited to announce an office and warehouse expansion that is now underway.  With the addition of 5,000 square feet of warehouse space, we will increase our total size to 35,000 square feet and, in the process, enlarge the office space for sales and customer service staff by 750 square feet.  Included will be additional offices, meeting space and common areas.  This expansion is part of an overall focus on elevating our customer service levels and operating efficiencies.  We expect the work to be completed by the end of this year and look forward to sharing the progress with you. 

The continued growth in market share for our key lines such as Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Vector and Liberty nails and other products designed for the professional market is driving the need for this expansion. We look forward to continuing this pattern with the support of our dealer network and the professional farriers in the market.

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