FPD 30th Anniversary Celebration

2019 marks 30 years in business for FPD. We are grateful for the support we receive from the farrier industry. As a show of our appreciation, each month during our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will draw 30 names to receive a free give-away.  Follow FPD on Facebook @farrierproductdistribution to see what we're offering that month.  Good Luck!

Congratulations to the winners of FPD's 30th Anniversary Celebration Facebook Give-Away for February! The following people will receive 1 container of the new FootPro™ CS PLUS® Hoof Treatment: Joshua Sanders, Ron Vogel, Darrell Haynes, Michael Moran, James Cockrell, Will Reynolds, Kenneth Taube, Jonathan Leasor, Marie France Quirion, Katrina Tayian, Marcus Martinez, Bob Bergdorf, Lee Wilkinson, Joe Proby, Austin Russell, Dan Farley, Toby Martin, Brad Nicholes, Kris Hair, William Kiner, Charles Fairbairn, Kurt Leininger, Joe Phillips, Daniel Ladd, Lori Mcdade, Justin Nevarez, Debby Courtwright, Joel Nielsen, William Thomason and Libby Shackelford.

1 Diamond® 10" Beveled Nail Cutter

The Diamond® 10" Beveled Nail Cutter is an economical, efficient tool for cutting horseshoe nails. Extended handle length increases cutting leverage and performance. Features induction hardened cutting edges and a wide throat for close, precision cuts. Drop forged and oil hardened for extra durability.

Deadline for entry is March 30, 2019.  Drawing will be held April 1, 2019. One entry per person, please.

This giveaway is only valid in the U.S. and Canada.




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