FPD 30th Anniversary Celebration

2019 marked 30 years in business for FPD. As a show of our appreciation, each month during our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we conducted monthly give-aways.
Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter FPD's 30th Anniversary Celebration Facebook Giveaway.
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Bellota Prime Level

The Bellota Prime Level complements the Top Level rasp, providing the same wider, thinner model and aggressive rasp side with a new “chip breaker” file side. The aggressive rasp side (8 tooth/row) provides an easy cut, ideal for trimming.


Congratulations to the winners of FPD's 30th Anniversary Celebration Facebook Give-Away for December!
The following people will receive a Bellota Prime Level Rasp:

Ben Reynolds
Cam Stohlmann
Sydney Stephens
Hunter Montgomery
Chris Turner
Jeremy Rigsby
Kathy Orsi
Gerardo Peralta
Noah Pall
Matt Fleming

Josh Cotton
Zachery Dinnen
Angie Bonanno
Julia Nelson
Christopher McWhorter
William Berger
Jimmy Halvorson
Joel Brown
Sheila Lampard
Stephen Morris

Glenn White
Phil Stuart
Joseph Webb
Zachary Cox
Dave Schultz
Sherry Bumbarger
Ron Luedke
Chris Gompf
Jody Niehaus
Gary Ridgely

Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter. Winners, look for your Bellota Prime Level Rasp to arrive soon!