The Tool Corner: Installation of Rubber Keepers

By Roy Bloom
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I’ve found a rubber keeper will secure my tools better than the traditional metal keeper. It also absorbs more concussion and helps extend the life of the handle.

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Photo 1: Items needed: a) Hammer; b) Handle; c) Tool Head; d) Needle Nose Vise Grip; e) 2" piece rubber inner tube. Obtain the smallest diameter tubing. The tube used here is 1 1/4". Photo 2: We only need to slide enough rubber onto the handle to cover the width of the tool head. Photo 3: Place the handle in a vise, slide the amount of rubber needed and clamp with needle nose vise grip. Photo 4: Feed rubber through eye. Photo 5: Pull rubber tight and start tool head onto handle. Photo 6: Once tool head is started, release needle nose. Photo 7: Place head over hardy hole and drive handle into tool head. Photo 8: Trim off any excess rubber. Photo 9: Finished job, ready to go.


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