One Step at a Time

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Dynamic Range was claimed out of a race where he ran a solid second.  He walked and jogged sound but had badly cracked and peeling toe walls and a dished right front toe. His left front hoof angle was 43 degrees and his right front was 42 degrees.

I removed the shoes and took no hoof from the bottom because he had actually been recently shod. I then applied a Fast Break shoe and removed all the peeled toe possible. 

Dynamic Range never had any soundness problems relating to his hoof issues. He continues to train well and I will be able to shoe him one more time before he runs again. My thoughts are to do a major shaping on his feet and to glue Kings Plates on him about three weeks before his next race.

Jim Jimenez has been shoeing race horses since the 70’s. He is based in southern California, shoeing for many of the top trainers at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park.



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