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Diamond Tracker

by Kerckhaert

One Shoe, Countless Shapes.
Saving you time and money.

Kerkchaert continues to make innovative changes to the Diamond brand with the new Diamond Tracker horseshoe. This shoe is available in an unclipped generic pattern; easily shaped into front or hind patterns. The shoe has a nice shape that will fit a lot of front feet with very little modification. Time is money.

Watch Bobby Menker, CJF APF-I modifying and nailing on the Diamond Tracker by Kerckhaert to the front of a barrel horse.

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Diamond Tracker

One Shoe, Countless Shapes



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  • First shoe in this style easily converted for both front and hind
  • V-Style Crease
  • Sole Relief
  • Ideal nail hole position
  • Good heel support



      Unclipped – 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3


      complimentary nails

      Best Brands: Liberty, Liberty Cu with Copper Shield Technology
      • 5 City
      • 5 Slim
      • 5 Combo