FPD 21 for 21 Giveaway

During each month of 2021, FPD will draw 21 names to receive a free FPD product. Be sure to follow FPD on Facebook to see what next month’s giveaway will be!

For the month of October, the FPD Facebook Giveaway is the Liberty Cu Wrist Magnet. The 21 winners will receive one (1) Liberty Cu Wrist Magnet.

Deadline for entry is Sunday, October 31, 2021 – 21 names will be drawn Monday, November 1, 2021, and the winners will be announced on Facebook. NOTE: This giveaway is only valid in the U.S. and Canada. FPD, Inc. and Diamond Farrier Co. Employees and Dealers not eligible to win.



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    Congratulations to the winners of FPD’s 21 for 2021 Facebook Giveaway for September 2021! The following people will receive one (1) Diamond Loop Knife:

    1. Richard Summers
    2. Arva Howell
    3. Kyle Rutherford
    4. Kimberly Zimmermann
    5. Mike Bagley
    6. Zachary Varner
    7. Savannah Bowman
    8. Aubrey Connell
    9. Jennifer Booth
    10. Tommy Fowler
    11. Leslie Brown
    12. Hal Hellentall
    13. Jason Woodward
    14. Joel Ondrusek
    15. Cherie Schilder
    16. Keith Brennan
    17. Joe Phillips
    18. Stephen Morris
    19. Justin Miller
    20. Spencer Bunker
    21. Ben Reynolds