• New Sizes for Steel Comfort Sport and SX-10 Clipped Series

We've received some new sizes in two of the new series of shoes that were introduced in the past year. We now have sizes 000-4 available in the Steel Comfort Sport line. The position of the clip on these front shoes is between the 2nd and 3rd nail hole, preferred by many farriers in the U.S. and Canada over the 1st and 2nd nail hole of the original Steel Comfort and other brands with a similar design. SX-10 Clipped sizes 0 and 4 Front and Hind are now available. Punched for Liberty 5 or 6 Combo nails, the SX-10 shoes are a great option for farriers that prefer symmetrical shoes punched for American style nails. The 10mm stock with the full toe offers great support and wear, especially for larger feet.