Bronco Toed and Heeled

The Diamond Bronco Toed and Heeled shoe allows for maximum traction. The heel caulks and toe bar are forged, not welded, for strength and durability. This shoe is for the toughest jobs and roughest terrains.

  • Punched for City Head and Regular nails
  • V-crease for more secure nail fit and nail options
  • Sole relief
  • Versatile shape for easy fit to front and hind
  • Forged toe bar and heel caulks for strength and durability
  • Sole relief saves time finishing shoe
  • Elongated toe bar for added traction
  • Easily shaped cold or hot to fit front or hind hooves
  • Extra thickness provides additional material for drawing out clips
  • Equal toe bar and heel caulk height provide flat shoe on hard, even terrain
  • Heel caulks forged in horse’s line of travel
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