6DRAFTBDiamond Draft 6


Back by popular demand, the Diamond Draft shoe has been redesigned and now features more accurate nail placement and pitch. With elongated heels that can be modified and punched for 9 REG, the Diamond Draft is the ideal shoe for working horses that need extra support. The Diamond Draft is also the preferred shoe for competitive pulling horses.

  • Punched for 8 Regular nails
  • Elongated heel design
  • Shoe made from ½” thick x 1” wide stock
  • Improved nail fit and pitch control
  • V-crease and clean nail punching
  • Manufactured from high quality steel for extended wear and durability
  • 6 nail holes and extended crease allow for multiple nailing options
  • Elongated heels can be turned for extra traction or cut to fit
  • High quality steel for durable wear
  • Accurate punching allows for better nail placement
  • Improved crease for more secure nail fit and proper nail pitch
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