Kings Cu Super Sound Toe Clipped

The Kings Super Sound is often used in Turf racing or used on young horses in the early training stages. It also has gained in popularity for the western show and barrel racing horse. The features of this shoe include a flush toe insert, sole relief, Super pitch for toe nails and a wider web than the Kings race plate. This shoe has Copper CU shield technology.

  • Radius toe clip
  • Copper CU shield technology
  • Super pitch on first 3 nail holes
  • Wider web
  • High strength aluminum
  • Built in sole relief
  • Flush toe isert
  • Better nail fit
  • Strong 'radius" clips provide added security
  • The heel design saves finishing time
  • Shape saves fitting time
  • Wider web offers more support
  • Stronger material - fewer bent, spread or sprung shoes
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