Kerckhaert SX-7 000 F

The Kerckhaert SX-7 is a light, front and hind pattern shoe designed specifically for the North American market and used for a variety of disciplines.

  • Excellent front and hind shape
  • Turned shoe using high grade steel
  • V-Crease provides secure nail fit and more nail options
  • Front and hind patterns save time at the anvil
  • High grade steel has good wear
  • Sole Relief on front shoes
  • More nail size options
  • V-Crease provides secure nail fit
  • Easy to shape
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Material: Steel
Size: 000
Discipline: Western, Trail and Ranch Work, Reining , Western Events, Western Pleasure Riding, Stock Work
Pattern: Front
Clips: Unclipped
FIA Inches: 12-1/4
Length (IN): 4-1/2
Width (IN): 4-5/8
Thickness (mm): 7 mm
Recommended Nail: 4.5 Race, 5 Race
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.54
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