K11820SX-8 Bold 00F
K11821SX-8 Bold 0F
K11822SX-8 Bold 1F
K11823SX-8 Bold 2F

SX-8 Bold

The SX-8 Bold is the newest addition to the widely popular SX line of Kerckhaert horseshoes. Featuring a bold, wider toe, this shoe offers additional wear, support and modification options. The SX-8 Bold is punched with the toe nail set back further than the original SX-8. A new 5-nail pattern offers additional nail options. The shoe is available in a symmetrical shape in fronts only. 10 pairs to a box.

  • Bolder, wider toe than SX-8
  • 5-nail pattern with set back toe nail
  • Broader toe shape with slightly narrower branches
  • Punched for City, Slim or Combo Slim nails
  • Built-in sole relief
  • V-crease
  • Broader shape and wider web in branches and heels offer additional support to horses in need
  • V-crease provides more secure nail fit and more nail options
  • Wider toe offers additional wear, support, and modification options
  • 5-nail pattern provides additional nailing options