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Kerckhaert Trek

The Kerckhaert Trek is a Triumph style shoe with a single shape, easily modified to front or hind. It is the perfect option for farriers who would prefer not to carry front and hind inventory. The Trek is 3/8” thick, providing good wear and traction. It is a one shape pattern, unclipped only. Use Liberty 5 City or 5 Slim nails for expert results.

  • Bevel design maintains shoe mechanics and increases wear
  • Center of shoe marked for easy visual reference when shaping and fitting
  • Deeper V-crease
  • Increased crease length
  • Increased width of outer and inner rims
  • Longer crease adds traction
  • Deep V-crease improves nail fit and locks nails in place
  • Increased width of outer and inner rim improves wear