Meister Hufeisen

Kerckhaert front and hind pattern shoe with heel support; designed for German market. This shoe is wider in the toe and heel area, where the foot needs more support, the branches are narrower, so that they are more easily modified.

  • Wider toe and heels
  • V-Crease, punched for an E-head nail
  • Front shoes are symmetrical with narrower pattern, clips between 1st and 2nd nail holes
  • Sizing. The number on the Meister shoe is two sizes larger than normal Kerckhaert sizing for riding shoes. The mark on the Meister shoe is a “D” instead of “K” found on regular Kerckhaert shoes.
  • Narrower branches make shaping easier
  • High quality steel provides increased wear.
  • V-Crease provides more secure nail fit to hold shoes better
  • Wider at the toe for better wear, plus wider at the heel for more cover and support
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