K13680Kerckhaert Meister Motion 2 F

Meister Motion

Designed with a beveled toe on the ground surface which allows the hoof and limb to breakover with less stress and strain. The bevel continues around the branches of the shoes, a feature that allows for more comfortable lateral movement as well. The great Kerckhaert shape means the shoes are easy to fit and the clips allow the shoe to be positioned to maximize performance. The shoes also have built-in sole relief. Shoes are symmetrical. Punched for E-head nails. Front only.

  • Front shoes are symmetrical with narrower pattern, clips between 1st and 2nd nail holes
  • Sizing. The number on the Meister shoe is two sizes larger than normal Kerckhaert sizing for riding shoes. The mark on the Meister shoe is a “D” instead of “K” found on regular Kerckhaert shoes.
  • V-Crease, punched for an E-head nail
  • Wider toe and heels
  • Narrower branches make shaping easier
  • High quality steel provides increased wear.
  • Wider at the toe for better wear, plus wider at the heel for more cover and support
  • V-Crease provides more secure nail fit to hold shoes better
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