Kerckhaert Aluminum 4 F QC

The Kerckhaert Century Support front pattern is a traditional round shape. Thicker than Triumph without the broad toe and a slightly finer punch, the shoe is available in front and hind patterns, quarter clipped front and side clipped hind.

  • Strong clips, well placed
  • High strength aluminum alloy
  • V-Crease
  • Sole Relief
  • Symmetrical shape
  • Good shape makes fitting easy
  • Width of heels provides support with less forging
  • Sole relief and clips saves time
  • V-Crease allows for broader choice of nails
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Material: Aluminum
Size: 4
Discipline: Western, Pleasure Riding; English, Jumpers
Pattern: Front
Clips: Quarter Clipped
FIA Inches: 16-5/8
Length (IN): 6-1/8
Width (IN): 6-1/8
Thickness (mm): 10.5 mm
Recommended Nail: 5 Slim, 5 City
Other Nail Options: 5 Combo, 5 Combo Slim
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.50
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