Kerckhaert Standard Rim 1

The Kerckhaert Standard Rim is a one-shape pattern (no front or hind), creased from heel to heel to provide extra traction.

  • Crease extends from heel to heel, providing extra traction
  • V-Crease provides secure nail fit and more nail options
  • Shape is easily converted to front or hind shape
  • Turned steel is higher grade than drop forged
  • Toe is not pointed and is easier to fit
  • Bevels on the inside and outside of the shoe provide additional breakover
  • Crease from heel to heel provides option for added traction
  • Shape allows for easy fitting of front or hind feet
  • Higher grade steel results in better wear
  • Wider range of nails will fit V-Crease
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Material: Steel
Size: 1
Discipline: Western, Trail and Ranch Work
Pattern: One Shape
Clips: Unclipped
FIA Inches: 13-5/8
Length (IN): 5-1/8
Width (IN): 5
Thickness (mm): 8 mm
Recommended Nail: 5 Slim, 5 City
Other Nail Options: 5 Combo, 5 Combo Slim
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.69
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