Kerckhaert Steel Triumph 00 F

This Kerckhaert shoe is a clipped version of the Steel Triumph with quarter clips on the fronts and side clips on the hinds.

  • Boxed heels and sole relief
  • Front and hind pattern for easier fitting
  • Solid heel for support or stud/traction application
  • Drop forged
  • V-Crease provides secure nail fit and more nail options – 5 City, Slim and Combo
  • Steep bevel at the toe provides built in breakover and traction
  • Front and hind shapes save time at the anvil
  • V-Crease provides secure nail fit with more nail options
  • Radius clips are easily fit
  • High grade steel provides longer wear and strength
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Material: Steel
Size: 00
Discipline: Western, Trail and Ranch Work, Stock Work
Pattern: Front
Clips: Quarter Clipped
FIA Inches: 13
Length (IN): 4-7/8
Width (IN): 4-7/8
Thickness (mm): 9 mm
Recommended Nail: 5 Slim, 5 City
Other Nail Options: 5 Combo, 5 Combo Slim
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.71
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