Liberty 4 Combo Slim 250x12

The 4 Combo Slim is the latest addition to the Liberty Combo Slim range. This nail is a great option for 5/16" shoes in smaller sizes (000, 00, 0) where the hoof doesn't need the length of the 5 Combo Slim or a 5 City but requires a head to fit the same crease. The head is only slightly smaller than the 5 Combo Slim and the nail length of 48.5 mm is between a 5 Race and 5 City.

  • Material is optimum for clinching
  • Packed in secure plastic boxes
  • Highly polished finish
  • Consistently sharp points
  • Excellent steel
  • Designed to fit shoes that are 5/16” thick and smaller sizes
  • Material is optimum for clinching
  • Far fewer unuseable nails
  • Finish and points enable smooth driving
  • Consistency


Box Size: 250
A: 5.0mm
D: 6.6mm
H: 48.5mm
K: 8.0mm
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