Vettec Equi-Pak 210cc Clear

Equi-Pak is your “Go To” product for comfort, protection and therapeutic support. For use as pad/packing material. Bonds directly onto the sole and frog, Equi-Pak™ is a liquid urethane that sets in 30 seconds. Can be used with or without a pad. Provides support and protection for thin soled, flat-footed horses, absorbs the shock and concussion. Can be filled to ground level for added support in less than 1 minute. No hand mixing and no waste. Will not breakdown, impervious to debris and moisture. Sole and frog left in great condition. Improves depth of sole.

  • Fill to ground level when maximum support is needed for laminitis and navicular cases
  • Dispense under a pad or use without a pad
  • EquiPak is a liquid urethane that sets in 30 seconds and bonds directly to the sole and frog
  • Very durable; will not break down under extreme conditions
  • Absorbs concussion and protects sole and frog from sharp injury and bruising
  • Uniform support improves sole depth; builds thicker soles
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Weight: 0.70lbs
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