FootPro™ Double Sided Bench Grinder Disc

Excellent for cleaning up welds, safeing edges and finishing heels. The design of this double sided disc makes it ideal for both grinding and surface finishing steel and aluminum.

  • 7” disc with 5/8” arbor hole
  • Double sided flap-disc design
  • 40-grit ceramic abrasive material
  • Reinforced fiberglass resin board construction
  • 40-grit quickly removes material requiring less time at the grinder
  • Consistent performance throughout life of disc
  • Longer life than conventional fiber abrasive discs
  • Unique double-sided flap disc allows for quick and easy heel grinding and finishing
  • Requires little surface pressure to achieve maximum grinding results


Material: Ceramic
Weight (lbs): 0.56 lbs
Disc Diameter: 7"
Grit: 40
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