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Power Tools

There was a time that certain steps in forging shoes and maintaining tools required a lot of elbow grease.  In today’s market, farriers have turned to power equipment such as the Baldor grinders, FootPro grinding attachments and an array of power tools to help speed up their work and lessen the wear and tear on their body.  FPD has the best selection of everyday power tools in the market and we are constantly hunting for even better equipment to increase efficiency and quality of work.

Heel Finish Disc


FootPro™ Economy Sharpening Wheel


Heel Finish Disc

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Heel Finish Disc

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Heel Finish Disc


  • 1/2” thick x 6” diameter
  • Economical option for taking the thickness out of a knife blade and addressing a rough edge
  • Does not require the use of any buffing compounds
  • Medium grit