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FEATURE ARTICLE: Farrier Price and Service

Recently, Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory shared their thoughts - and survey results conducted by The Forge magazine - concerning horse owners perceptions of the farrier industry and the value of farrier services. The responses of the horse owners in this survey provides farriers insight into how they can manage the pricing of their services.

To download Kerckhaert's entire communication regarding this topic, click here.

Establishing Customer Policies

It is unlikely that you set customer policies and firm scheduling criteria when you began shoeing. Any work was welcome and uncomfortable conditions did not cause you great concern. However, as you established yourself and developed your skills you probably began to notice (and become more irritated with) less than ideal working conditions and customers. We have a few ideas for those of you in the early stages of your career and perhaps some of you who have “been around.” [more]

BUSINESS TIP: Change the Way You Compete

If you are competing on price alone, you will lose. It becomes a vicious circle where someone eventually comes along and offers a lower price. You must change the way the game is played and compete on your terms by offering and selling value and benefits to your customers. [more]


Customer Relationships

Volume 4, Issue 1 of The Natural Angle contained an article that addressed some of the issues of customer service. The initial discussion related to developing a good background and method of assimilating information about your customers. [more]


Business Tips: Schedule Appointments

As you consider scheduling, you need to think about the variables you will confront [more]


Business Strategy: Information and Customer Service

A successful commitment to customer service requires some planning. There is no doubt you have to be quick on your feet in dealing with your customers but you can’t overlook the advantages of thorough planning. In the early stages of this planning you need to develop an information base. [more]


Insurance Needs for Small Business

Every small business is different. That’s no secret. Neither is the fact that insurance needs for a small business are very different from the type of insurance necessary for your personal needs. [more]


Working For Success
By Dave Farley

I had been shoeing for more than twelve years when I realized I needed to make some changes in my business. For a long time I thought that I was making money if I had money in my checking account and some cash in my pocket. I was working hard, but couldn’t seem to make it to the next level where I had enough money to buy a better vehicle, buy a home and put some money into savings. [more]


Organizing For More Efficient Ordering

Many farriers appreciate the convenience of placing orders for supplies by phone. The mainstream farrier supply companies in the industry have geared their businesses to handling these orders. There are a number of things you can do to streamline the order process and have what you need, when you need it. [more]