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FPD, Inc. Field Guide for Farriers
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Race Horses

Tips from the Pros

Race Horses require a wide range of shoes because of the different type of race surfaces and conditions in which they perform, as well as the different beliefs of trainers and farriers as to what works best. The rules regarding toe inserts for racing vary throughout North America.



Wire to Wire - The Pressure Never Ends

By Steve Norman

My work at the Thoroughbred farms in Kentucky always starts with the evaluation process. This is especially critical working with the foals, weanlings and yearlings. This is a process that includes the farm manager or staff member in charge of the particular horses I'm working on. In the very early stages, when confronted with serious conformation and hoof imbalance issues that may be better treated surgically, I will ask that a veterinarian be consulted. The pressure on all parties in dealing with high dollar bloodstock makes this type of cooperation critical. [more]


One Step at a Time

By Jim Jimenez

Dynamic Range was claimed out of a race where he ran a solid second. He walked and jogged sound but had badly cracked and peeling toe walls and a dished right front toe. His left front hoof angle was 43 degrees and his right front was 42 degrees. [more]