Dan Burke and FPD, Inc., based in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Dan Burke, FPD, Inc.

Dan at work while on a trip to Belgium in 2004

FPD was founded in 1990 by Dan Burke and Linda Hill after a number of years in the retail side of the farrier industry. The FPD concept grew out of their background in the industry working with farriers, farrier suppliers and manufacturers. The concept was simple. Develop an efficient method of distributing quality farrier products to a network of stores in North America. The idea grew beyond that as the years went on and FPD became one of the biggest supporters and providers of educational opportunities for the farrier industry- at the farrier and company levels.

Today, FPD continues to grow in market share with key products like Kerckhaert Horseshoes and Vector nails and in recognition in the industry as a go-to source for information, advice and support to help elevate the level of hoof care in the equine industry. Dan has a background in shoeing, with an AFA CF level of certification earned in 1984 after completing a program at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School in 1982. This background, along with the involvement with thousands of farriers in all breeds and disciplines, has helped to create a sound, practical approach to working with the horseshoeing industry.