Razerhorse FAQ’s

What style of nail are best suited for these shoes?
We recommend a Liberty 4.5 race. These shoes are very low profile and we have found these nails fit best.


How many resets can you get?
Typically one depending on the type of ground and the amount of riding you are doing. We have had as many as 3 shoeing intervals and as little as 1.


We are having trouble with a mare pulling the front shoes in the pasture. We have lost three now. Do you think that they are set too far back and she may be stepping on the pad?
Your horse is in the pasture, you have no control of the gait, frame, speed of the horse so shoe loss is a risk you should always turn out with bell boots to minimize shoe loss. Yes you should always check your fit and make sure of proper application of this she is slightly different. There are a lot of different variables that can weigh in when talking about shoe loss, horse size/weight, conformation, ground conditions (mud/sand), proper shoe fit, how the horse is shod, is the shoeing behind. These are all very important factors.


What is the largest size of shoe you offer?
We currently offer from 3×0 to 1 (1 being the largest) we are in the process of beginning production on a size 2 in the future.


Do you have to use the Pad with the Razer shoe?
No you do not have to use the ProPad with the Razer shoe. The ProPad can be used with Razer shoes or other open heeled shoes. The ProPads are used to reduce concussion and to re-establish frog function.


We have a horse that is heel sore. Does your pad help with that?
Propad can reduce heel soreness by utilizing its concussion absorbing material and re-establishing frog function when horses are shod.


How flexible in relation to the iron shoe?
Razer flexibility is designed to mimic the hoof capsule exactly. Not too rigid, not too flimsy.


How can you say that this slides like barefoot?
Razer shoes were designed through years of research with gait analysis software and high speed video at Upsala University in Sweden. This design most mimics every function of a barefoot.


How is it able to be shaped?
The shoe is a unique tool steel which is tempered to allow flexibility and shape memory.


Prevents damage, have fewer injuries?
Performance events are stressful enough on the equine athlete, why aggravate things more by adding weight and mass which increases concussion and trauma to the lower limb. A sound horse performs at its peak, by taking stress off the joints you are helping to reduce the possibility of issues.


The horse needs to grip, worn shoe can not work?
Grip is generated from full foot contact with the ground and the frog and sole being able to compress to the ground.


Will it make my horse run faster?
No it will not, but it will allow your horse to perform to the best of their ability.