Razerhorse Shoes

Razer horseshoes provide the best of both worlds: the natural function of being barefoot AND the support and protection of being shod. Traditional steel or aluminum shoes lock the foot in place, but through science and technology, Razerhorse has manufactured Razer shoes to include flexibility among the many unique features and benefits. It has a low profile design with a narrow outer rim that sinks into the ground’s surface. This gives the frog and sole contact while following the movements of the hoof capsule, allowing a natural feel.

Razer shoes were designed in Sweden for Standardbred harness racing, and have gained popularity in barrel racing since coming to the U.S. Their use is quickly expanding into a variety of disciplines including mounted shooting, roping, cutting, eventing, hunter/jumper, trail riding and more!

Because of Razer shoes’ unique qualities, most horses are able to reach their highest performance potential.

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