FPD Natural Angle: Volume 11 Issue 4

12 Points of Reference for Evaluating Limb Balance

We have developed a list of reference points that have helped us in evaluating limb balance and developing a plan for trimming the hoof to maintain or enhance the balance. We are putting together a series of DVD’s that will go into the details of these reference points and how we see them affecting balance. The following list and images give a good overview of those points and will hopefully give you food for thought in your daily work. READ MORE


The Art and Science of Farriery

Welcome to the educational division of farrierproducts.com. Since their founding in 1990, Farrier Product Distribution has remained committed to sharing useful and practical shoeing information and methods with farriers across the country.

Sponsoring clinics is just one way in which the company works to improve farrier knowledge and techniques. In addition, FPD is well known in the industry for their pursuit and development of the best products to meet the needs of the farrier - and the horse. With the best quality products – and the knowledge needed to use them – your job becomes easier and your skill always gets better.