Kings ES Plus High Goal Polo

The Extra Sound Plus High Goal Polo shoe retains all the popular features of the Kings Extra Sound Polo, but with the addition of a new, thicker section of material. This section gives improved grip and traction when playing on grass. The heels are more upright and have a wider bearing surface, giving the hoof more support. All these features give polo ponies more confidence on grass when playing at high speed. The Extra Sound Plus High Goal Polo shoe has a great easy to fit shape when shoeing either hot or cold, and comes with a pre-drilled 3/8" stud hole in the hind shoe.

  • Sized like race plates
  • Available in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Thicker section allows for more traction
  • Hinds are quarter clipped with stud hole on lateral branch
  • Fronts are toe clipped
  • Less work for shaping
  • Front and hind shapes ease fitting
  • Stud hole in place if desired