Fast Break Flush Toe

The Fast Break series is available with a flush toe (0mm) insert or XT insert (2mm). Top trainers are finding this to be a dream, especially on younger horses. Less stress on the upper limb, and better hoof condition as well, make it an excellent option on the racetrack.

  • HISA Compliant
  • Good nail hole positioning- 5 nail pattern
  • Slight radius in toe
  • High quality aluminum
  • Flush or 2mm Toe Grab
  • Shoes are symmetrical
  • Pattern similar to Tradition front
  • Strong material results in fewer sprung, bent, or spread shoes to fix
  • Built in breakover
  • Good shape saves fitting time
  • Heels require less finishing
  • Easily fit to narrow feet
  • Less stress on limb and aids in improved hoof condition
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