Bellota Prime Finish+ File

The Prime Finish Plus file features the chip-breaker cut for a smoother wall finish. The coarse side of this file has a cut that is the same as the smooth side of the Razor+. Special steel characteristics combined for the longest durability.

  • Integral heat treatment
  • Uniform tooth geometry
  • Exclusive Bellota sharpening technology
  • Superior quality assurance systems
  • File side 2 is based on chip breaker style for smoother finish of the outer wall
  • Special Bellota chrome alloy steel
  • File side 1 features a coarse cut for the most efficient finish in all working conditions
  • Chip breaker file side creates smoother finish of the outer wall
  • Consistent quality
  • Best price of major brands
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Length (IN): 14
Width (IN): 1.75
Thickness (IN): 13/64
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