Bellota Top Level Long Rasp

A longer version of the Top Level, ideal for larger hooves. 12% wider and 10% thinner than regular rasps, for perfect leveling balance and control. The 8 tooth rasp side pattern has an aggressive cut and an intermediate file side, similar to the Top Sharp.

"I can’t think of a thing I would do to improve this rasp. I haven’t ever used one that I like better!"
- Farrier Jim Sproles of Arizona

"I have the Top Level Long. Best rasp I ever used. Love the length and the extra width a lot."
- Farrier Wesley Buranaphan of Texas

  • Superior quality assurance systems
  • Exclusive Bellota sharpening technology
  • Uniform tooth geometry
  • Same weight as regular rasp models
  • Special Bellota chrome alloy steel
  • 12% wider (2" wide) and 10% thinner than regular rasps
  • Integral heat treatment
  • Rasp side is aggressive (8 teeth/row) for easy cut, ideal for trimming
  • File side has an intermediate cut for excellent and efficient finish
  • Rasp tooth designed for smooth precise cutting
  • File side creates excellent and efficient finish
  • Rasp side ideal for trimming
  • Wider, thinner rasp is perfect for leveling balance and control
  • Best price of major brands
  • Consistent quality

Versión larga de Top Level, 3 in. (7.5 cm) más que las raspas normales, ideal para cascos grandes.  12% más ancho y 10% mas fino que las raspas normales, para óptimos equilibrio y control del allanado.

  • Dientes de cara Escofina diseñados para corte fácil y preciso
  • Cara LIMA: Talla ENTREFINA para excelente y eficaz acabado
  • Acero Bellota Especial al Cromo
  • Tratamiento térmico integral
  • Geometría de Dientes uniforme
  • Tecnología de Afilado Especial Bellota
  • Superiores sistemas de Garantía de Calidad
  • Cara ESCOFINA: Talla AGRESIVA (8 dientes/fila) para corte fácil, ideal para desbaste
  • El mejor precio entre las principales marcas
  • Raspa más ancha y fina, perfecta para equilibrio y control del nivelado
  • Cara Lima produce excelente y eficaz acabado
  • Cara Escofina ideal para desbaste
  • Maxima consistencia en calidad


Length (IN): 17"
Width (IN): 2"
Thickness (IN): 3/16"
Rasp Cut: Aggressive
File Cut: Intermediate
Weight: 1.70
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