Standard Toe Weight 2

The Standard Toe Weight is an excellent shoe for Arab and pleasure gaited horses. With a 1-1/8” wide toe and 3/8” thickness, this shoe meets the specs required for show Arabs. Made from high grade steel with good carbon content and a deep V-crease, the Standard Toe Weight holds up well in both the arena and abrasive terrain. This shoe is symmetrical and available in sizes 1 and 2.

  • Punched for 5 Combo Slim and 6 Combo Slim nails
  • Built-in sole relief
  • V-crease
  • 5 nail holes per branch
  • 1-1/8” wide toe that tapers to 5/8” in the heels
  • Shape and specs of shoe require little modification for Arab horses
  • Higher carbon steel provides better wear
  • Ideal punching for horses not requiring pads or using thin pads only
  • V-crease provides more secure nail fit and more nail options


FIA Inches: 15
Length (IN): 5 3/4
Width (IN): 5 3/8
Thickness (IN): 3/8
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